Moonraker opens with Bond dealing with the mundane daily tasks of his job. We find out that he’s really only on book-worthy assignments a few times a year, and the bulk of his time is occupied with reading through dossiers and doing paperwork. Naturally, these quaint moments of "just another day at the offices of MI6" don’t last long. Bond is soon called in to M’s office for, he discovers, a purely personal matter...or so it seems at first.

Gentlemen and Players

E.W. Hornung shared with his brother-in-law an interest in crime fiction. But where the brother-in-law chose to celebrate the detective, Hornung came down on the more disreputable side of the law. The brother-in-law was Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes. But really, when all is said and done, wouldn't you rather have a drink with Hornung's dapper gentleman thief and star cricketer, A.J. Raffles?