From Kentucky, With Love

Despite his Scottish heritage, more often than not James Bond eschewed scotch in favor of its American cousin, bourbon. In part three of Bottled in Bond, we'll look at what makes a bourbon and which brands Bond preferred.

Pinching Bond’s Blends

When folks in Ian Fleming's James Bond novels were ready to exchange warm, dry handshakes and have a drink, they reached for blended scotch. And while Johnnie Walker may be the best-known blend in the world, it was Black & White or, if you were Bond's best friend Felix Leiter, Haig & Haig.

Bottled in Bond

Although James Bond is forever linked with the Martini, shaken not stirred, in the books by Ian Fleming, 007 is more of a whiskey man. In fact, he's more of a bourbon man. So let's take a look at the history of whiskey, be it scotch or bourbon, and some of the brands that pop up most often in the James Bond novels.