Bond Vivant

League of Gentlemen

League of Gentlemen is a little bit like if Bulldog Drummond’s humorous classified ad was answered by a fellow demobilized officer putting together a crew for a heist.


Pretty much every spy novel franchise inspired by James Bond had at least one story where the main character went up against some robe-clad Moonie stand-ins, so I guess Gardner figured why the hell not?

No Deals, Mr. Bond

With No Deals, Mr. Bond, John Gardner achieved enough clout, or had at least been around long enough, that he was given a little more leeway to “do his own thing.”

Nobody Lives Forever

Released in 1986, Nobody Lives Forever has a similar feel to the movie For Your Eyes Only, in that both are essentially one chase scene after another.


In Icebreaker, Bond does almost nothing—which is for the best, because when Bond does do something, it’s usually some of the worst espionage work he’s ever done.

For Special Services

For Special Services, maintains all the ties to Ian Fleming’s original novels, but gets more breathing room since it isn’t saddled with re-introducing Bond.

Blending In with Bond

James Bond, one of global culture’s most recognized imbibers, drinks no fewer than 317 drinks throughout the series of books authored by Ian Fleming.


This movie is a total bomb, and that didn’t stop me from enjoying it. Don’t listen to me, because I’m going to tell you to see Asambhav. The universal chorus of bad reviews this movie received are right, and I…